Advertising Design Jobs

Advertising design jobs are for those creative people who want to break away from conventional nine to five jobs and do something that pleases them. Advertising design work is always in search for able and efficient employees who have the power to think differently and if you have that in you then you might consider being the one who packages and promotes products in a way that is sure to make them irresistible to consumers. This is exactly the work you do in advertising design!

If you want an advertising design job then you must have a creative bent of mind and a knack for advertising design work. Along with your creativity you also need to be sensitive to the psychological needs and the mindset of your target consumers so that you can publicize your product just the way that will attract them to it. You also need to have effective marketing skills that will ensure that you are pushy enough to promote your product in an efficient way.

If you are looking for employment in advertising design, then one criterion that you must fulfill is having an artistic bent of mind. Your outlook must be unique and your approach must be different from others. It is not only about being creative but also about presenting your creativity in a compact and artistic manner that will attract your target audience towards your ad.

You must always keep in mind that ads that can draw attention towards themselves are always those that stand out in a crowd of other ordinary ads! Another important skill is communication. It is essential to be able to interact and understand the expectations and thought line of your target audience, it is only then that you can give them what they want and package your product accordingly!

Moreover, unless you have the power to communicate well your ads will not be able to establish a link with the audience. After all ads are a way in which different products try to communicate with the consumers and persevere them to buy the products of their choice!

Always keep in mind that the ad world is extremely competitive. If you fall back in the race to be the best then so will your ad. You need to always be aware of what is happening around you and be quick in understanding and responding to changing consumption patterns and demands! Without this kind of promptness and efficiency you cannot make a mark in your design advertising job!

While in a design advertising job you can expect to work in either of three positions. You may be working as a Graphic Designer and prepare design elements or layouts making use of various mediums. You may also be required to work as an Art Director whereby your main task will be the supervision of the work of different Graphic Designers and other related staff. You must be efficient in coordinating the work of those who are working with you in order to ensure the best results! If you are working as a Creative Designer then you have to manage the different creative work that is going on and ensure quality control by editing the work of the various employees to get the best end result for your client!

So if you think you have what it takes and you want to put your creativity and abilities to good use while ensuring job satisfaction, then advertising designing is the job for you!

Advertising Design Programs

You may want to consider advertising design programs if you have a knack for computer design, an eye for graphic arts and a personality that persuades. There are many schools that offer advertising design degrees including certificate, associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree options. Advertising has grown into a massive field with many different facets, and it’s not all about people in suits that are sitting in board rooms deciding what television commercials to produce. There are many different jobs in the advertising field that use art and design skills to help introduce consumers to new products and services, remind them of well-known brands and, ultimately, persuade them to buy a product or invest in a service.

What Students Learn in Advertising Design School

Students learn a number of skills, theories, facts and historical perspectives during advertising design school. And, of course, they learn all the latest design software that is currently being used in the field. Most programs begin by educating students on the basic aspects of advertising, marketing, public relations and sales-as these fields are all related, and it is necessary to understand these concepts to navigate the industry. Then students can learn the leading computer aided design skills and use the most common design software such as Corel Draw, InDesign, PhotoShop and QuarkXpress.

Students who complete a traditional bachelor’s degree in advertising design will also be required to complete some general education courses in reading, writing, math, science and history. This may sound like a waste of time to some students, who may opt for a certificate or associate’s degree that sticks solely to advertising and design skills. However, many professional people find that the additional education helps better prepare them for the job market and opens up more career doors. Some design schools also introduce students to e-business, e-commerce, web development and website design.

Outcomes of Advertising Design Programs

There may be some certificate programs in design or related fields, but it is more likely that students will complete an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, and there are also many master’s degree programs for students who want to take their skills to the next level. Graphic artists in the advertising field often start out earning between $40,000 and $50,000 annually, and those with master’s degrees may earn as much as $80,000 to start with room for advancement. There are many opportunities in this field, and it’s an excellent time to start your career in advertising design.

Advertising Design in Modern Social Life

I Introduction

Advertising design in modern social life, plays a very important role. It has long transcended its advertised function and communicate information, more of a cultural heritage has been given a people carrier of meaning. Modern society, more colorful advertising designed to show the human spirit with their social roles. In recent years there have been some personalized advertising media, such as hair advertising, behavioral advertising, they appear in people’s eyes, as if the person’s face, with people on the TV, looking forward to the process of transmitting information, with people thinking communication and resonance. This book mainly start from the brief history of advertising in order to allow learners to deeply understand the evolution of advertising and its relationship with the current social development, and advertising design in today’s position in the social and economic life.

II Advertising strategy of appealing and attention

As the advertising popular saying: people who start to notice your ad, it means that your products sell out half. So, from a consumer psychological perspective, advertising can attract the attention of consumers is the psychological basis for its success. If consumers are dedicated to watching television ads, thinking the information provided in the literature, etc., and advertising design has a great relationship. Therefore, in the design of advertisements to attract the attention of consumers to keep in mind when the following points:

1. Appropriate amount of advertising information

2. Novel and unique form of advertising

3. Reduce information variance

4. Using the language characteristics of memory

III Brand Design

Design is the visual appeal for the media business, the brand concept, cultural identity. Services, code of conduct and other abstract concepts, through organized, systematic, identification of the unity of design, into easily absorbed by the public of visual symbols, to express the brand message means of identification. Advertising design is the objective basis for brand management, customer willing to accept if no external visual image of the brand, it is impossible to guide customers through the purchase of products, calibration of goods to the overall perception of the brand positioning and customer benefits, brand operations and therefore meaningless. Brand design principles are as the following:

1. Simple and eye-catching, easy to read and easy to remember…

2. Avoid duplication

3. Name and logo are Mutual Coordination

4. Respect for the customs

5. Good-looking and full of personality the word graph


In summary, we can conclude that: With the social development and economic prosperity. Advertising has become the theme song for the new era. Advertising design is the basis of product sales, is the core of marketing strategy. Therefore, in the advertising strategy to win is to win on the product, but also represent the brand and reputation to win a permanent victory.